Toni Jordan

Valentine's Day Gifts: For Him

We all know that men are not as into the Valentine’s Day holiday as us women are.

At least that is what they want us to think. With the macho persona they try to put off, it is hard to see what kind of romance they want if any, and that is what makes the holiday particularly tricky for us women. We know that we want something romantic and unique, but under that tough shell, is that what they want too?

If you do not have any ideas, try one of these:

Buy yourself some sexy lingerie. Show it off to your man when he least expects it, and do something that he would not expect from you. You get a new treat, and he does too.

Leave love notes all over the house and call him at work. This will build suspense to what you have planned, be it a romantic dinner, or a wild roll in the hay. Peaking his curiosity is critical.

Make a special dinner that you know he loves, and serve it by candlelight. Surprise him by serving it in a sexy outfit, and let it lead to a particular night between the sheets.

Think about something he’s been dying for, and you have been putting off for whatever reason. Even if it is a video game, get it. He will enjoy it because you thought enough about him to remember it, and it is not too mushy to show off to his friends.

Combine something he needs, with something he likes. For instance, I got my husband a Zippo because he was always losing his lighter. To make it unique, I got one with the Oakland Raiders emblem and had his name engraved on it. He liked it so much he was afraid to use it because he did not want to mess it up.

Get him tickets to a sports match, and leave one for a friend. He spends a lot of time with you and the time with his friends is a great gift. Many men get antsy when it comes to approaching their woman with time out with the guys because they do not want to upset us. Encouraging it means you are okay with it, which makes him happy.

No matter what you do, do something. Many consider it to be a woman’s holiday, but men don’t like to be forgotten.