Toni Jordan

Travel Safety Tips for Women in Africa

Every year thousands of women travel to Africa alone on vacation or for work. These women usually are quite safe, but everyone needs to be cautious and consider safety.

This is especially sure for any woman traveling alone or who will be away from her traveling partners for any length of time. Here are few travel safety tips for Africa that women need to consider, plus a few tips that will be helpful for women travelers to enjoy their stay.

1) Take all necessary health precautions for the region of Africa that will be traveling too. Visit the website to learn about the regions vaccination requirements before departure. Make an appointment with your doctor to receive all necessary immunizations.

Remember that you must start being treated to prevent Malaria before entering an infested area so you will need advance health planning before your departure.

2) Be sure to register so the State Department can better assist you in a state of emergency.

3) Your passport is signed and that you have taken the time to fill in all emergency information.

4) Always let someone know your plans and your itinerary. Leave copies of your passport and all information with someone.

5) If you are a woman traveling alone in Africa, then it is suggested that you purchase a wedding band to wear and discuss your husband in public.

6) Only stay in high-end hotels with strong safety.

7) Do not go out alone at night.

8) Do not make eye contact with men.

9) Remember that many parts of Africa are Muslim so always adhere to the local customs to avoid unwanted attention. Egypt is a staunchly Muslim country where some restaurants are entirely for men, and there are also specific area’s designated for women to sit or ride. Adhere to these customs at all times.

10) Dress conservatively at all times.

11) Do not wear makeup or a significant amount of composition.

12) Always have a cell phone on hand.

13) Ignore catcalls or any remarks that might be made and directed your way.

14) Stay in public places. Avoid a densely populated areas

15) Do not ride in a taxi alone at night.

16) Bring your own female hygiene health products because these are often hard to obtain in certain parts of Africa.

17) Remember to only drink bottled water and do not eat local produce unless well cooked.

18) Do not carry a purse. These are easy to snag on the run. Carry a money belt or your money in another secure area of your person.

19) Try to stay in areas that are frequented by families and women. Avoid area’s that contain a high population of men only. Many businesses tend to cater only to men.

20) Try to avoid asking directions or advice from any single man. If you are lost and need assistance, then ask a family or a woman for help.