Toni Jordan

Symptoms of Cancer in Women

It is true that being informed gets you ahead of any game, be it your business, life goals, or even your health. The good thing is that women are more conscious when it comes to having their regular medical exams than men do.

Women are more proactive in learning what’s wrong with their bodies and what can be avoided in the future. But this is not the case, especially with younger women. They just tend to ignore some signs and symptoms that can lead to something as serious as cancer.

Many will argue that to think of something negative is a destructive habit. Some will even point out that if you think you might get cancer, you are attracting this possibility to materialize into reality.

There are even those who think that cancer is incurable.. so why get yourself checked anyway? It can just drain you of too much time, effort, and not to mention - money. There is merely a sense of denial.

We aim to spread the word and get many women informed on the controversial issue of cancer. When statistics show that women suffer more deaths from the disease than men, it is then time to draft out what are the possible symptoms of having one.

This is not to cause fear and panic, but to make sure you get early detection to get early prevention. When left untreated for an extended period, cancer can be fatal.

Here are the 15 Possible Warning Signs of Cancer in Women:

  1. Unexplained weight loss without decrease in food intake or increase in exercise routines ( Overactive Thyroid )
  2. Feeling full quickly even if you had barely eaten ( Bloating is one of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer )
  3. Lumps and rashes on breasts that persist for weeks ( Signs of Breast Cancer )
  4. Unusual bleeding in between periods ( Signs of Endometrial Cancer)
  5. Changes in skin moles and skin pigmentation ( Warnings of Skin Cancer )
  6. Difficulty swallowing, even in liquid foods. ( Signs of GI tract Cancer )
  7. Blood in urine or stool ( Warnings of Colon Cancer )
  8. Abdominal pain and depression ( Signs of Pancreatic Cancer )
  9. Indigestion for no apparent reason ( Risk of Cancer of Throat, Esophagus, or Stomach )
  10. White patches inside the mouth or white spots on the tongue ( Signs of Leukoplakia leading to Oral Cancer )
  11. Persisting, unexplainable pain
  12. Swelling of the lymph nodes ( usually seen under the armpit or on the neck )
  13. Fever that is not caused by the flu virus or bodily infections ( Early Signs of Blood Cancer such as Leukemia or Lymphoma )
  14. Unexplainable fatigue, even after being rested
  15. A persistent cough lasting more than four weeks ( Early Signs of Lung Cancer )

Based on your symptoms, your doctor will recommend for you to get medical exams and laboratory tests - from CT scans, blood tests, mammograms, halo breast pap test, biopsy, colonoscopy, ultrasounds, to MRIs. Diagnostic tests will vary from case to case.

In the end, having a healthy lifestyle and diet by choosing those natural, safe, and effective ways for you to get maximum health - really helps! Having cancer, or knowing someone who did, is not a joke. It’s not only financially crippling, but it is also emotionally devastating.

If you know someone who does, make sure you give all the moral support that person can get. Even a dose of laughter can help.