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Mattresses: Materials Suitable for Back Pain

It would be ideal if there were a mattress that cures all the ills of the back but unfortunately does not exist. The advantage is that there are mattresses more suitable for a type of back pain than others. In this post, we will try to explain the topic in the best possible way.

You need a good mattress, have or do not have back pain.

In general, it is said that a good mattress is what allows the spine to be perfectly aligned when we are lying on its side, and with its natural “S” shape when we do it face up. This sounds quite reasonable from the physiological point of view, although there is no formal study to certify it.

How can we know if a mattress lines up our column?

The only sure way to know would be using an MRI, with different combinations of mattresses and people with different morphologies.

But something a little more straightforward would be to use pressure blankets (a kind of thin mattress that marks the shape of the body that lies on it). In this way, although we can not know if the column is aligned, we can see a map of pressures exerted by a particular mattress on the body that occupies it. With this information, it can be detected if the forces are homogeneous throughout the body, in which case it can be assumed that the column will be aligned.

The problem is that each body is different and you would need a mattress for each person.

With all this, you can realize that the world of the perfect mattress for the back is a world of approximations and assumptions that more or less make sense, but there are no proven certainties.

Scientific evidence

There is a study published by Dr. Matthews in the journal Sleep Health “Effect of the firmness of a mattress on chronic non-specific low back pain. A controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical trial “

Therefore, it can be concluded that a good mattress for the back must have a medium firmness and high durability, this means, that it maintains its inalterable characteristics in long periods of time.

What does this mattress offer me?

In our opinion, the viscoelastic material, due to its ability to adapt to the body, offers greater possibilities of alignment of the spine and can achieve a medium firmness. Too high densities and thicknesses can produce heat sensation and mattress trapping. Comfort is also essential, a mattress suitable for the back is useless if we do not feel comfortable with it since we will not sleep well.

In short, as long as there is no specific pathology associated with lower back pain, in which case only your doctor can advise you, a mattress of medium firmness with high durability for back pain is recommended.

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