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Acid Reflux: Gerd Symptoms

10 Apr 2018

Causes Acid reflux can occur when a person smokes, drinks too much weigh too much, has a hiatal hernia, is pregnant or eats certain foods. The foods that contribute to GERD are citrus foods, chocolates, caffeine, spicy foods, fried...… Continue reading

Mattresses: Materials Suitable for Back Pain

16 Mar 2018

It would be ideal if there were a mattress that cures all the ills of the back but unfortunately does not exist. The advantage is that there are mattresses more suitable for a type of back pain than others....… Continue reading

10 Steps to Giving the Perfect Kiss

09 Mar 2018

Some kissing aficionados may argue that the only perfect kiss is the first one, but if that were true, kissers would quit after the initial try! Honestly, there is a lot of messaging that occurs during a kiss. When...… Continue reading

Travel Safety Tips for Women in Africa

21 Feb 2018

Every year thousands of women travel to Africa alone on vacation or for work. These women usually are quite safe, but everyone needs to be cautious and consider safety. This is especially sure for any woman traveling alone or...… Continue reading

Is It Possible to Have a Migraine Due to Sinusitis?

25 Jan 2018

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that causes a lot of discomforts. A headache is one of the symptoms of those who suffer from sinusitis. A sinus headache can be confused with a migraine, which is also characterized...… Continue reading

Words of Wisdom for Young Women

25 Dec 2017

Youth comes with many advantages, including beauty, energy, and innocence. But the teenager has one major flaw: a lack of wisdom, the kind gained only from experience. As a woman in her thirties, I had learned so much that...… Continue reading

Soy Basics - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Soy

10 Nov 2017

Are you looking for a healthy way to get more protein into your diet without eating more red meat? Are you lactose intolerant? Also a look into some of the disadvantages and risks of regular soy consumption, and some...… Continue reading

More Women Die of Lung Cancer Than Die of Breast Cancer

16 Oct 2017

Lung cancer is by far the deadliest cancer. More Americans die each year of lung cancer than breast, prostate, colon and pancreatic cancer combined. Even though lung cancer is the most dangerous cancer, it gets the least funding of...… Continue reading

Symptoms of Cancer in Women

23 Sep 2017

It is true that being informed gets you ahead of any game, be it your business, life goals, or even your health. The good thing is that women are more conscious when it comes to having their regular medical...… Continue reading

Should You Take a Calcium Supplement If You Have a Kidney Stone History?

16 Aug 2017

Kidney stones are no laughing matter. The pain experienced with a kidney stone has often been likened to that of labor. No wonder the person who’s been afflicted with the illness of a kidney stone is so eager to...… Continue reading

Valentine's Day Gifts: For Him

14 Jul 2017

We all know that men are not as into the Valentine’s Day holiday as us women are. At least that is what they want us to think. With the macho persona they try to put off, it is hard...… Continue reading

Women and Weight Loss Gimmicks: The Quest for Self-Acceptance

25 Jun 2017

In the age of stick thin models and infomercials, it’s no wonder women find themselves in a self-image quandary. About sixty percent of the country is overweight, but about ninety percent of the advertising for weight loss is geared...… Continue reading


The arrival of L’Impossible Miss Ella

27th April 2013

The gorgeous French edition of Fall Girl, L’Impossible Miss Ella, has arrived! L’spunky, no?


Independent booksellers are completely fab

27th March 2013

Australia’s independent booksellers have chosen Toni Jordan’s Nine Days as Novel of the Year! Excitement!   On collecting her award, Toni said: Nine Days is a novel with nine first-person narrators and a mixed-up chronology. It’s not an easy book to … Continue reading

Nine Days by Toni Jordan

Brand new website

20th March 2013

Welcome to my brand new website. Here you can read more about me, keep up with my latest news, delve into my books (Nine Days, Fall Girl, and Addition), see what other writing I’ve been doing, or get in touch. … Continue reading