Independent booksellers are completely fab

27th March 2013

x2_112bb199Australia’s independent booksellers have chosen Toni Jordan’s Nine Days as Novel of the Year! Excitement!


On collecting her award, Toni said:

Nine Days is a novel with nine first-person narrators and a mixed-up chronology. It’s not an easy book to explain. If it wasn’t for the support of independent booksellers who took the time and trouble to read it and like it and put it in people’s hands, I’d be stuffed. It’s been that way since the beginning of my writing career: when I wrote my first novel, I had no public profile, no ‘platform’. I’d never been on Big Brother and I’d never slept with a footballer. My first novel, Addition, was a romantic comedy about a woman with OCD. OCD is not normally considered romantic or funny. Lucky for me, independent booksellers love books and they love Australian writing and they give books like mine a chance. I’m very grateful for their faith and support. I wouldn’t have a career without them.