Toni Jordan

10 Steps to Giving the Perfect Kiss

Some kissing aficionados may argue that the only perfect kiss is the first one, but if that were true, kissers would quit after the initial try! Honestly, there is a lot of messaging that occurs during a kiss. When your lips connect, it’s no time to send the wrong signals.

Find that delicate balance between being too chaste and overtly pornographic to find the ideal, most satisfying kissing. If you have a big kiss planned and feel a little nervous, take things step-by-step.

Deliver a kiss he’ll remember by following these ten steps. Breathe as generally as possible and savor the moment. Whether this is the first time you’ve touched lips or the hundredth, it’s not impossible to reach perfection.

Remember, if you do end up bumping noses, or teeth, it’s not the end of the world. So 3-2-1 – prepare to kiss!

Freshen and sweeten your breath! Before you arrive at your rendezvous, brush and floss your teeth. A fresh, clean mouth is an invitation to share the perfect kiss. Skip the garlic at dinner and keep mints handy.

Look him in the eye. A kiss always starts with eye contact. Be confident and observant. Good eye contact is almost as sexy as the kiss is.

Smile at him. A smile is a non-verbal invitation to get a little closer.

Reach out your hand and touch his hand gently. It might be easier to do a little hand-holding before going for the lip contact.

Lean in a little. Follow his lead if you like or lead the way with by bending your neck a little towards him.

Close your eyes slightly. This little signal is steamy and gives your permission for the oncoming lip-lock.

Moisten and part your lips. Soft, dewy lips, slightly parted are the ultimate in sexiness.

Make full lip contact. Don’t deliver a half-hearted peck. Press your lips fully against his and hold them securely in place for a few seconds. As your lips make full contact, embrace and pull your body closer.

A good kiss should feel natural, not awkward. If you’ve kissed more than one person, you know every kisser is different. Take your time and discover or re-discover your partner’s kissing abilities.